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Friday, January 01, 2010


The Catholic church celebrates the beginning of the year as the feast day of Mary, Mother of God.

The two biggest network in the Philippines had big New Year's eve celebration and while GMA 7 presented a magnificent fireworks display with performances of their talents, ABS-CBN had a healing Eucharist to begin the year and we had a chance to view both their presentations. Mama of course settled for the healing Eucharist.

During the homily, Fr. Glenn mentioned that Mary being the mother of God is also the bearer of God, Theotokos.

The word brought back memories of my field assignment to Cebu. It was September and on the Sunday the girls decided to tour me around different Marian sites in their region. It became like a pilgrimage for me and I was really touched. In one of our the places in Carcar was the Theotokos. That is where I got a picture of the lady from my celfone. I found her image so soothing and fascinating that i kept her image in my celfone for a long time until something went wrong and i could not remove my providers name on the screen that it was blocking her face that i had to remove it. Couldn;t put it back since I am still stuck with my old celfone -- it is not in its best form but I have grown used to it.

Anyway, what really caught my attention on the homily was that like Mary, we are all bearer of God... for we have Him in each one of us. Sometimes it is hard for us to see Him in others.... hmmm actually even in us but He is there waiting for us to acknowledge and nurture Him.

So another year... and another reminder to me of Theotokos.


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