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Friday, January 08, 2010

Nap Hill Quotes

January 8 is papa's death anniversary.
I'd like to remember him with my video of Napoleon Hill quotes
(it is my first attempt to create a video and post in Youtube)

When I was much younger papa wanted me to read books by Napoleon Hill and other positive thinkers. I enjoyed the stories he would tell me from the books he has read especially while we were travelling together but I did not like reading his books at that time (well I was still in high school then) I'd rather read comic books and love stories (particularly Emilie Loring) so I had to hide all those so he won't see me reading them. Eventually, when I was much much older, I read his books and enjoyed many of them including those from Napoleon Hill.

Positive thinking is still very much needed in our times especially with so many negativism around. It is nice to think of some quotes from Nap Hill. I'm sure papa would have loved it too.

PS. I got the artwork from www.wushealingart.com
and the music from my boss's CD of Shi Lan Skalski.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest friend,
I am always sadden that your father has passed and feel the love you have for him in the thoughts you write. He was a good father I am sure for as I have come to know you, your directives in life surely emulate from his earlier guidance of you. A man with a plan.....I wish I could thank him for giving be such a loving, knowledgable, good friend. By the way, January 8th is my wedding anniversary....7 yrs now!!

2:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Jan, Erik! God bless you both always!


8:04 AM  

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