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Monday, January 04, 2010

Life is fragile

I got a call from ANnie at 5:00 am. Sis Baby has finally rested.

Sis Baby is from our spiritual community who was diagnosed with cancer just a year ago and had her operation a few months later. I met her in 2005 and she was so very young looking for her age. I could never imagine that she was in her 50's since she pretty much just looked my age. SHe was so full of life and was so active in the community.

After her operation she really grew so thin and aged. Took time for her to recover a bit but two months ago her health declined again. When I went to our chapel for our midnight mass, I saw an old lady in a wheel chair who was also coming to the priest for the blessing after the mass and I was surprised to realize it was her. Still I could not imagine that the sickness has really overcome her. Despite her looks her voice was still full of life and she even teased how beautiful i looked while we were going back home. Her cancer was stage 1 and I was thinking that she probably only got depressed from the sickness and was just not fighting it off and that she just had to focus to fight.

Last Saturday, after having a prayer meeting in my old unit, I called her so I could talk with her, sometimes she doesn;t want to get down from her room that ANnie says it is better to just call. So Annie answered and I asked her if i could talk to Sis Baby then even before she answered I asked if i could just come and visit and she said Yes. SO i walked to their place, it was not near but it wasn;t really far either. ALl the while I was thinking that we were going to have a long talk because she does love to talk. I met her brother on the road and told him I was going to their place. He just smiled at me. ANd when I reached their place, i found ANnie wheeling her out. SHe said she wasn't eating and drinking and I could hear her telling me "Dextrose." Yes she looked dehydrated and I told ANnie it will be good for her to have it. Still I could not believe that her sickness has really overcome her. She just needed to fight!

And now I got the call. ANnie says her mother and father has already fetched her... she was so tired and just wanted to rest and she finally did.

It was dark when i got the call... even at 6:00 it was still dark but now the light has finally shone and it is amazing that part of the gospel today says it all...

"The people who sit in darkness have seen a great light, on those dwelling
in a land overshadowed by death light has arisen."
Mt 4:16

Life is fragile but it is also temporary and what we are really looking forward to is everlasting life. She has finally seen the great light.

Rest in Peace in the brightest light there is.


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