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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to church

The past 5 days, I have been hearing mass through the radio veritas' radio and internet broadcast only since most churches cancelled their eucharistic celebration due to the Second National Congress of the Clergy wherein many priests from all over the country gathered in the World Trade Center. Celebrating the eucharist in person is definitely better than hearing it on radio, internet or TV but one thing nice was I got to hear the homilies for the priests since radio veritas presented the eucharistic celebration in the congress. It also featured the recollection given by Fr. Rainero Cantalamessa in the Araneta Coliseum and I got to hear his talk on marriage which I found out is similar to the talk he gave in the World Family Encounter in Mexico City in 2009.

Being back in church to celebrate the eucharist felt really nice especially since Fr. Bernie who presided over the mass looked really revitalized from the said congress. Well, I actually like attending his masses since he always seem joyful when he celebrate the eucharist but he was really glowing today and I hope that like him, all the other priests that attended the congress and even those that weren't able to, feel revitalized in their service for the Lord through their communities.


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