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Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Avatar Craze

My brother’s gift for me for Christmas was the whole series (3 books) of the cartoon Avatar: the last airbender. He has seen how I enjoyed watching some episodes in cable with my nieces and nephews on some weekends and suggested giving it to me as a gift. I was excited of course. And so while everybody has been excited about the Avatar movie I was really looking forward to my series. And I got the watch the whole series (61 episodes) during the holidays. It meant I had to stay up late to finish some episodes but I really enjoyed them. This is the first time I have completed a cartoon series and I really truly enjoyed it. Now, my brother suggested another cartoon series but told him not for the time being since I still like to savor the series for the moment… plus it is back to work tomorrow and I know that I would not have time to be watching another series…arghhhh.

But I really do enjoy watching cartoons and now that I look back, I remember that the first time I wrote my Kaleidosthoughts series (it was just to my two online buddies then) my first thoughts were on an anime. It has been quite a while since I started writing and here I am still enjoying cartoons… I know I am getting older but I still can’t shake the big kid in me. I’m crazy and I enjoy it!!!


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