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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Sixth Day

My cousin Anne's husband arrived yesterday from the province with their child and was staying in the house from across our home with Anne's brother so ANne did not sleep in our home. I was worried that I would have nobody to go with me to the chapel. My other cousin could not wake up that early since she stays up really late and would be too tired.

Anyway, I did not want to go alone but since I had nobody I went. My mom woke up and see me walk from our gate till her eyes could see me. There were people on the street and I made it through safely to the chapel and what was cool was that there were still lots of available seats.

So I sat and closed my eyes as I prayed from my seat until i felt that somebody already took the vacant place beside me. When I opened my eyes there was Anne! SHe made it too. She heard our gate opening (it is a big heavy and very noisy gate) and immediately prepared and followed. So i believe that we will be both be able to finish the 9-days Misa de Gallo. Ain't it a blessing?

The priest asked during his homily if we feel blessed? And I immediately silently answered "Yup, I am blessed!" ANd once again I share you my blessing!


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