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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day Two

My alarm clock woke me once again and it didn't take us long to prepare and head for the chapel for our Misa de Gallo. As usual there were already many people... even the chairs they placed outside to accomodate people were already full... but we did not want to stand outside the chapel so once again we squeezed ourselves to the place were we stayed before. Luckily many people would rather stand outside than force themselves in.

I was sleepier compared to yesterday but good thing we were standing as i might have dozed off...

Well even if I was sleepy I feel the spirit of the celebration and I participated the whole time... even the priest's homily did not let me doze off though I felt myself yawning from time to time. It was good to be inside the chapel since all the people there seemed intent on the mass and not doing something else like courting or talking which was also one of my concerns why I did not look forward to dawn masses before.

I made it to the second day and once again I felt good and blest...

And I share my blessing...

God bless you!


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