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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day Five

It is day five and it is Sunday. I woke up at 2:30 am. It is still too early so I slept once more. Then I heard knocking at my door. My brother woke me up, it was 3:50 am and we would be late! I did not hear my alarm sounded. I might have turned it off when I woke up at 2:30. Hood thing my sister-in-law who is awake for her internet work-at-home did not hear me moving and got worried. Bless her and my brother for waking me. We rushed to the chapel and barely made it since I saw the lay people already in the procession line and once again we were standing... Ahh never mind at least we made it.

I was still perspiring a bit from the fast walking we did and have not completely settled when I was approached by one of the lay minister. The commentator did not make it and the lector would have to take her place and there was no one to take over the readings... so could I do it? The mass is in Tagalog and I am not really good in reading "Tagalog readings" since I find the words deeper than the normal conversation words but I agreed nevertheless and I joined their procession to be near the altar.

When the time came and I began reading, I saw and felt my hands trembling and I smiled (actually i felt it like a muffled nervous laugh). It did not show in my voice but my hands were really shaking and I did not want people to see it so I put down the misalette on the lectern and read from afar so i could steady my hands.

After the readings while the gospel was being said, I really felt soooo blessed. Told you that every year my namesake Elizabeth gets mentioned in the gospel for my birthday and today was a continuation of yesterday's gospel. In today's gospel, Mary visited Elizabeth!

The Lord certainly has a sense of humor. Sometimes he jolts you a bit then showers you with great joy and you can't help yourself from smiling and being awed.

So once again I feel blest and i share you my blessing.

I certainly hope that I make it to the next masses, four days to go after all...


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