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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chicken Joy to the world!

I just came from Jollibee to claim again my BPI-credit card’s promo…
Of Chicken Joy!

There were also a lot of other people that claimed their chicken joys and also by the buckets (actually contains 6 pieces/bucket) that I had to wait for sometime to get my share and this time the buckets are no longer of plastic but paper buckets.

I called on my nieces and nephews after I lay the buckets on the table and they immediately came and took their share.
They were excited.
Well they will have to finish it all immediately since mama says NO chicken to be served for our New Year’s eve celebration and the whole day of New year. In fact NO chicken in our refrigerator at this time already. We cooked them all yesterday and no buying for the time being.

Ahhh superstitions!

She says serving chicken is not good since their feet keep on scratching looking for food. The “Isang kahig isang tuka” (one scratch one bite) saying means “from hand to mouth” existence which is not the way to look forward too for a New Year. Everything should be bountiful… prosperous… so there has to be lots of fruits on the table and foods to share of course.

I am not superstitious but I don’t eat much meat especially chicken so it is okay with me not to have chicken but the kids could probably just tolerate not having it for a day. After New Year, they are back to eating fried chicken and I think the promo is on till next year so it is certainly chicken joy till next year... well not really for the whole world but at least on my part of the world. ;-)


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