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Monday, November 16, 2009

LOVE letter from School!

For the first time I got a LOVE letter from my John-john's school.
Actually it was a letter from the guidance counselor apologizing because John-john had a big lump on his head after his classmate threw a bottle and hit him! Well they were actually playing and became a bit rough that he ended up getting hit. It was an accident and even John-john says so. Anyway, I have been called to the principal's office that an apology was definitely a change.

The last time I was in the principal office, I also brought my mom along since John is basically not just my care but ours and plus they get to interact most of the time since I go to work. We were called because John-john with other classmates was naughty again and teased two of their classmates when they saw them sort of hugging. There were a lot of other classmates involved but I guess John-john is a becoming a favorite of his teacher… Arghhhh! I know my nephew is naughty but he is in Grade IV plus an active boy so there’s bound to be lots of teasing!

Anyway, the principal is always nice when I visit her office (sometimes I wonder if he is called so frequently also because the principal likes talking to me…. Hehehe). She was giving us (me and mama) pointers on how to discipline John-john so he’ll improve in school not just on the academics but also on conduct. I am not sure at what part of our talk but at one point I told the principal that John was good at mechanical things (and indeed he is!)... assembling stuff… trying to figure out how physical things go together or connect to each other and she appreciated me for finding and acknowledging John's genius.

Well he showed his genius again tonight. The pull-up handle of his huge bag would not go up the previous day and I couldn't fix it... my brother couldn't also but lo and behold he showed it to me all fixed up tonight. He fixed it himself! And I was really impressed. It sure would be difficult to carry the very heavy huge bag! And i told everybody at home how good he was!

Now.. if only his genius would trickle down to the math and reading and everything else! Ahhhhh in time I'm sure... in time!


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