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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Waiting for darkness to lift

It was only 2:30 pm when we looked out from our office window and saw that it was very dark. It was raining once again but it was not really that heavy. However, there was a strong feeling of worry among the staff as many exclaimed "please no more rain!"

Our office is in the 26th floor and currently the tallest building in the area that we have a good view of south of Manila and beyond. However, visibility today was bad as we can only see structures near our building all the rest were hazy aside from it being dark. The umbrella stores along the sidewalk from across the street have opened their lights. It was like it was already past 6 pm and we could not help but check the window from time to time but it never went light again.

It is almost 8:00 pm now and I am about to leave the office. I hear no sound of rain anymore. O dear God, thanks! And please no more rain till the wrath of nature on our country has eased a bit.


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