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Thursday, October 01, 2009

No more mooncake games

Mooncake festival will be on October 3, 2009.

Our head office has been celebrating the mooncake festival yearly for a long time but we will not be having it this year because of the financial crisis. The company will not be giving the mooncake boxes where we have the different sizes of mooncakes with the rules of the game in it. Initially our department decided to have our own despite the company deciding against it, in fact we have already set aside money from our funds for it but that too will not push through, instead we gave the money to the auditors that were affected by typhoon Ondoy. There are 3 of them and their homes were submerged. Two of them lost everything while the other was luckier since their home had a second floor and he did not report to work anymore on that day so that he was able to move his things. We also pooled money aside from our funds with our boss giving the biggest share. I think that is more worthwhile anyway.

So no mooncake game for this year but a full moon will be glowing brightly in our heart for an opportunity to share with our brothers.

It is the same thing going on in our country. We have experienced a great disaster from Ondoy but the hearts of a lot of folks are also glowing from the opportunity to serve.

May the light of kindness shine through always. :)

PS. No mooncake games this year but I still got a mooncake from one of our officers yesterday. She always gives me mooncake during this occasion. She’s pretty neat!


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