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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting heavy

I met one of the bosses in our hallway and he mentioned that I was getting bigger. Yup I told him, I gained 6 pounds over a couple of months then gave my neatest smile. Most actually says the current weight looks better on me but the weight is harder to carry for my legs plus my pants are screaming out and i feel so constricted! I like my lighter normal weight of 148 pounds.

Now i should limit my food intake... but it feels good to be eating especially eating with the other girls during our lunch and merienda (snacks) in the office.

So next best choice is to have some exercise aside from walking.

Start with shaking to the right ...

then both ways!

Now move front and back ... hmmm that feels more like dancing. Don't think I'll be burning too much fat that way. Have to add some bigger effort like Bending!

Hmmm now i feel some sweat there!

Now to max it out and move everything!

Whew! That looks like a total workout!

Now to move it from my head and this machine to my body...
Ah that's another thing... hahaha!

I think i better just settle on buying bigger pants as mama suggested! ;-)


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