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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate change

Climate change…
Don’t really know how to explain it
All I know is that I can feel it
Weather is not the same as before
And I wonder if it will ever be again?

A lot of people blame it
For the mess we recently experienced
Nature has certainly sent her vengeance
That many lives were lost from Ondoy
And then from Pepeng that followed

And we don’t really have to think deep
‘coz we know that we are to blame
For the erratic changes that’s happening
We gave a lot of garbage to nature
And nature gave back what we gave her.

Climate change when people change
Nature gives back what we give her
We’ve neglected her and abused her
She hurt and so she cried us a river
So change our ways so she change for the better.

A Blog action day post on climate change


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