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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ondoy's cry me a river

The sun smiled briefly this day, he couldn’t hold on though since Ondoy still was not through crying a river. Good thing that there were just few tears this time and not as much as yesterday.

Yesterday was the heaviest rain I experienced in a long long time. It was like the heaven was so angry that it let is pain out all at once. I like rain… it’s gentle tapping on the roof but Oh boy, was Ondoy (heaven’s messenger) ever so mad and sorrowful that he cried us a river! So many streets were flooded and some literally turned into a river. It was only typhoon signal #1 in Metro Manila but the rain was very heavy.

Even if the rain was heavy around noon yesterday I tried to brave the rain so I could go to church. Our street was only ankle deep at the most especially along the open drainage. The water was flowing heavily though and there were a lot of people bathing in the rain but there were others like me who had to walk in the rain to do their business. I was already wet when I reached the highway and I was actually having second thoughts already midway but since I was already out I thought that I might as well go on. But the rain grew heavier and there were so very little vehicles on the road most of them had their lights on since visibility was not good and I could see most stopping and taking cover too. I waited and waited but no transport came. People walking told me there was none coming and I finally had to give up and go back. When I got home, I got news that part of the concrete fence of a golf club near our place collapsed and the nearby areas was really deep in water. The families at the end of our road had to transfer to a Protestant Church near our home since they were flooded already. One of our neighbors also got flooded. Good thing our home is a bit elevated. Our drainage is flooded too but the water did not get to our home.

We were safe and dry at home while the others had terrible experience outside.

It is now late and Ondoy has finally stopped crying (well at least for today)… It is quiet in my room but I know that some people still cry over Ondoy’s deluge of tears.


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