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Sunday, August 09, 2009

This is how we overcome!

We have finished singing our worship songs including Hillsong’s “This is how we overcome” and I felt good since I like the song…

It is one great song of worship!
And i really like it...
But surprisingly our speaker did not! :(

She said later on to the group that she did not like this song and preferred the other songs. She did not like the word overcome since we don’t really overcome but instead we get transformed. So she would have preferred “transformed” in the lyrics…

Now to sing “this is how we are transformed… this is how we are transformed” instead of “this is how we overcome… this is how we overcome” doesn’t really sound nice…

Later on our smaller group, we get talk about it with many agreeing somehow with our speaker repeating her reason. But I could not agree! I know our speaker has her reason and she actually explained it well… but I still like the song and I don’t mind using the word overcome especially as it is mentioned in its context and I’ll go on singing it!

Now I wonder if it will still be part of our worship songs in our future assemblies????

Ahh! I sure hope so!


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