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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cory Aquino 1933 - 2009

I woke up expecting to hear cartoons on TV
But there was none…
Instead I was hearing a newscast...
The sky is good, there’s no storm…
what could the children be watching?
I get down and saw John-john
Intently watching the screen
There on the news they say…
Cory is finally gone.

Cory Aquino died at 3:18 am today
Among her family and friends
Praying by her side
While the country was sleeping and still.

I remember how proud I was
To be part of the bloodless revolt
that put her in power and restored our democracy.
I was so proud to be a Filipino then…
And deep inside, I still am.

But so many things have changed since she held office
Even she somehow changed along the way
People will judge her but then again they always do
What is important is she’s at peace with herself
And on that, I am certainly sure.

I heard them say she’s the icon of democracy
And indeed she is
But more than anything I think her biggest legacy
Is responding to a call even if faced with great difficulty.

So for you Tita Cory… Goodbye!
I know you’re at peace.
Say hello to Ninoy from me
Hold hands and pray as ever
For our country’s freedom, peace…
and prosperity.

May God bless us all!

and here is another legacy which i'm proud to say I was part of...
EDSA 1986... the bloodless revolution...

The Filipinos' gift to the world!


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