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Sunday, August 16, 2009


It was another of those nights when my 2 siblings and their other halves decided to have a drinking and singing session. They were talking it over earlier when we went to the grocery as they bought the pulutan (beer food mates) and their drinks -- just vodka their chaser (del monte four seasons) and some beer. I bought my own iced tea just in case.

I was in mama’s room resting a bit when I heard them started their singing. I decided to come out to hang out and watch them sing. They all laughed when they saw me come out of the room… Eto na ang tirador ng pulutan! (Here comes the one who just finishes the food!) A standing joke since I don’t drink and just eat their food. Anyway, I sat with them and indeed took some of the food…. Then I decided to take a bottle also…

My bottle of iced tea from the fridge!

They were taking turns singing. They are all good karaoke singers and know a lot of songs.

Me… I don’t know most of the title of the songs so I can’t choose from the selection list. Even if I leaf through the list I can’t seem to find songs that I know enough to sing…

Anyway I got to sing one song then continued leafing through the alphabetical title list while they continued on their singing…

Then I chanced upon “Beth” by Kiss! Ahh that’s a song for me! I’m Beth in fact I would tell people that I’m the Bethiest Beth I know!

I know about the song from a long time ago but I could not remember it. I just asked Dan to play it so I could listen and see if I could sing with it but I could not sing along with it so I read the lyrics… and I told them that it is a sad song since it was not even telling “Oh Beth you are pretty… you are my beloved and the stuff”. Hehehe… Instead I could visualize Beth just alone and waiting! (But still a part of me was saying so what if she was waiting…plenty to do while one is alone in fact I look forward to my “alone” time which I call my “Beth” time).

Anyway, I was listening and I liked the melody, it is not really something you think from a rock band… it is soft and come to think of it, it really is a beautiful song… an assurance song that even if Beth’s loved one is away that he is thinking of her.

Ahhh here I am rambling and it is already very late… they have finally stopped singing and I’m back here in my room. In fact Jenny already fell asleep earlier on the couch while the others were still singing.

It is real quiet now… another “beth” time and I’d like to hear once more the music…

That is nice... something for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beth I love your thoughts and your love of singing! You are such a great friend and your writing or "stories" I live to hear. So nice you are, so caring and feeling....you truly are a lovely friend!!! I am honored to know you....

1:44 PM  

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