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Monday, July 20, 2009

Scent of a woman

There's that strong perfume again!!!
Suddenly made me remember Al Pacino's movie...
However, in that movie he liked the smell of the woman he danced with. He savored her smell!
But there I was again in our office
My table so far away from the other girls
Yet near 6:00 pm the strong odor from one of the girls' perfume reached me once more!
The past days the smell have been reaching my place and when i'd come to my boss' table I could also smell her lotion....
Ahhh... Probably why my headaches never go away!
Isn't it possible that when they spray it, only the people who likes their perfume smell them?
My Badger's ointment is running low and I couldn't find my Vick's and Katinko.
They are my remedies to counter to smell...
And it seems my ammunitions are not enough...
I've asked them to minimize their perfume but I guess they can't help it.
They do want to smell nice
Arghhh I wish their nice is my nice!
Their scent is winning over!


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