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Friday, July 17, 2009

Geocities site

I have been getting emails informing that Yahoo Geocities will close soon so that I have to save my files or it will be gone forever!

I haven’t visited my old sites but it is there that I stored some of the gif files I use in my blog including my flying butterfly. Oh the title of my blog would not seem complete without it so I have to find another place I could store and access my animated gif files.

Long before I used blogger, I used Geocities as a storehouse for my kaleidosthoughts and other sites I worked on, I did not call them blogs then (I did not even know the word) but they pretty much serve the same. It is there where I also got to experiment on things on the internet like designing my own website… well not really from scratch for some since I went to a site that gave you free templates (although Geocities also have their own templates) and I modified them making it my own using a booklet on Html commands that I have. I did not only add contents but even changed the graphics and I was quite pleased with the outcome…. Ahhh I am easily pleased and I like amusing myself with little accomplishments… I even ventured into cyberbegging in one site (it was the “in” thing at some point then) and actually got donations (money and kind)… did not get enough though for the intended purpose for my cyberbegging but still felt happy that I actually got a donation (Can$35.00) and won ($3.00 or was that $2.00 from guessing game) which were credited to a Paypal account. I also got postcards I requested which I sent a friend.

It was good but updating it was difficult so that free blogsites like blogger are really neat since you are not burdened with updates and don’t need to know anything about designing sites and could just concentrate on your entries. I know there are a lot of free blog sites most of them are now incorporated in social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Multiply, Friendster. In fact I get a lot of invites from family and friends… and even my grandniece who is only 5 has her own Friendster account of course being modified and updated by her mom, but my other nieces and nephews who are 7 to 10 years old also have their own Friendster accounts and actually update them putting in a lot of things in them. They are also volunteering to create an account for me. I don’t know but I never seem to be interested to create one in any of those. Somehow I am just content with my present site.

I was happy with my Geocities account then but now I’m content with my blogspot. Of course I would never really have ventured into blogging or writing without starting on my old site and somehow I’m still thankful for having done that. Geocities says that I should back it up. I am still thinking it over. But I realize that I don’t really have to make a back up since all my entries are stored in a bigger site… my memory… they are after all a part of me… no matter how varied the thoughts and how fleeting they may be… they are part of me.

Now my only problem is will my memory hold…
Ahh I don’t really know…
But even if it goes away in time, the joy of having written them will be there :-)


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