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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thoughts on independence

Yesterday was our country’s independence day. It is supposed to be a celebration but I really did not get any news on celebration of our special day… one reason is I did not have a chance to watch TV, listen to the radio nor read the news. I asked my brother-in-law though what was the special event intended for the day and he said a job fair. Well, that’s a good thing to do on a special day.

Though I did not notice any national celebration we had a celebration at home though courtesy of my sister and her family. They brought 3 kilos of chicken legs and cooked it chicken inasal style. I haven’t eaten chicken in ages but I joined in the eating and it was good! I asked my sister what got into my brother-in-law for buying such volume and she said she did not know. I wondered if he was starting to have his andropause (hehehe... ) or maybe in his way he wants the family to celebrate the country’s special day?

Independence day should be special day for any country but if many of the people could not appreciate the value of such declaration, what good is it? Maybe just another rest day for employees?

In the age of interconnectedness, is one country really independent? We all have to depend on others to sustain our lives, right?

Does it really matter what form of government we have? Isn’t the quality of life lived by people more important?

Does it really matter how the head of state of our country got into power as long as there is no bloodshed along the way? Isn’t it more important that the one who gets there is really there to serve the people? There have been different ways for our heads to get and stay in power and there are always complains on how they get there.

I am Filipino, I am proud to be one even if at times I come across countrymen that embarrass me. I’ve come to realize that I don’t care much about the word “independence” but that doesn’t mean I feel less than a Filipino. Oh I appreciate the lives offered by heroes to fight for our freedom. But I appreciate it more because they loved our country enough that they were willing to sacrifice their lives for a cause. Maybe more than anything we should celebrate not the declaration but the love they had for our country because it is their kind of love that will bring greatness for our country… it is that kind of love that will move one another to help their brothers…that’s the kind of love that we ought to celebrate!


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