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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sharpen your mind!

I was reviewing a working paper this afternoon when I got distracted by Kathryn asking something then when I was going to continue with my review I could not find the pen I was using! I did not leave my desk, I only stopped but the pen was gone. Oh I know my desk is a mess with all the working papers and memos I have to work on so I looked over and under them to see if I placed it in between… but none… so I searched for it in my drawers but I could not find it that I finally got another pen from my bag so I could continue my work.

This usually happens to me… sometimes I’d lose a lot of pens at other times I’d have so much pens in my drawer, on my desk or on my keyboard and I don’t know how they got there or how I missed seeing them before! Sometimes I’d kid myself that there’s an elf playing tricks on me but truth is I’m just plain forgetful. There are things I could easily remember but things like pens and even names I easily forget. And now I came upon an article on how to sharpen your brain. It is interesting and I am going to try to work on them. I certainly hope it works for me!

...now where was I????


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