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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hit by a tire!

Well we had been hit tonight by a tire… a big tire from a bus! We were on a passenger jeepney when we felt and heard a loud bang. A big tire hit our side and it continued rolling. Where did that came from??? We saw a bus stop a few meters from us but it was not tilted in any way. Our driver said that the tire may have come from the rear tires since there are four rear tires so that it was still erect. The driver stopped to look at the damage to his jeepney but luckily there was none. The tire did not stop after hitting us but continued rolling and we were watching it go and it headed to some of the cars parked in the road near the church. The bus conductor came to our jeepney to check the damage but was probably relieved that there was none, then he headed to where the tire stopped and our jeepney moved slowly to it while we all took a look at what happened. It was a weird thing, there was space of about 2 ½ to 3 meters in between two cars and the tire went through it and hit the rear end of one of the car not on its side but it the middle of the bumper. The bumper had a very wide, big and deep dent! The owner would surely be surprised when he gets back to it and I am not sure if the conductor will be waiting for him though he probably wouldn’t since there were some people on the sidewalk that were there watching too.

The tire seemed to have a mind of its own! It is like he really meant to hit that car! I don’t really know why and I wish I knew so I could say Eureka!


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