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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thank you Lord

It has been sometime since I came from the province to visit my sick aunt. My uncle would tell me at times that sometimes he gets tired because my aunt does not cooperate for her recovery. She wouldn’t eat even if she needs the nourishment… she would ask for food that are not available and if he gets it for her wouldn’t eat it. I could understand how he feels. I also took care of my sick grandmother for almost two years and it could be difficult. I remember feeling so frustrated when she is sick and I would give her very expensive medicine and she would spit it out. But I asked the Lord to give her more time so I could take care of her and never take her until she feels our love... really feels it from the core of her being! She died in my arms... I still did not want her to die and got used to taking care of her but realized that it was time God took her... She finally felt the love we had for her.

Taking care of my lola was difficult but it was also the most creative part of my life. I remember asking God for the grace for me to be able to take care of her and He did grant me such grace because when I look back I could never imagine how I had the patience and strength to carry on. My sister who is a good caregiver would often times tell me I’m clumsy and rough but during those times I was able to take care of her properly.

I know how my uncle loves my aunt yet I also know how difficult it is to take care of a sick person no matter how you love them. He too needs to ask for the grace to carry on. I guess that’s the only way to be able to have the strength and patience to carry on.

Before I left the province my aunt asked me to give her the lyrics of the song my cousin and I used to sing. It was our favorite song. I would even strum the guitar as we sing it. It was a long time ago and I have not heard the whole song sung even in church. I still sing part of it often but I’ve lost the words to most. I found the song in youtube (It is even longer than waht i remembered of the song) and am posting it here.

Hope to be able to download it also so I could send my aunt and she could listen to it. Hope it helps in her healing…

and the song… it has always have been in my heart. It had carried me through to my trials. And if my cousin hears this too I am sure she’ll be very happy too. She has always been a happy soul despite all her difficulties which have been a lot…. She is also one of the people that inspires me in times of difficulties and I know how my aunt is waiting for her to come home too.

Then we can all sing "Thank you Lord!"


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