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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The result is out!

The girls were waiting for the CPA board exam to come out, for sure it will come out today… Sonia kept checking the site in her computer and Mitch was nervous… finally she asked permission to leave the office early… and the girls still kept checking the net until one of them shouted and it was official Mitch made it! The girls sent her a text message to break the good news and my boss just had to call her on her celfone to congratulate her. She was already in church saying her thanks!

To think that it was only Monday that she had her final exam and now the result is out in the net… tomorrow it will be in the newspapers.

During my time we had to wait for 6 months for the CPA Board result to come out since our examination was not computerized. There were essays and problem solving where you had to show your solution. We had to use fountain pen and had to write legibly and neatly and if we make mistake we have to cross our answer with a line and write the correct answer on top… well for problem solving and essay at least. I can’t remember now if we had to shade multiple choice questions or encircle them… it was so long time ago!

And for 6 long months we had to continuously pray not just that our answers are correct but that the examiners who would check our papers would be in a good mood when checking our papers so that they have a nice disposition when reading our answers especially for essays questions and our chances for passing is greater.

Now all questions are multiple choices. I am not really sure if that is a better basis for assessment compared to the type of test we had but there has to be some way of filtering out all those examinees. But getting the result early is something really great! And now Mitch can finally relax! She’ll get her license soon… but what is much better is that we’ll surely have a blowout!

Yup! Blowout.. blowout...blowout! Ahhh everybody is already waiting for that and for sure the banner we have for her tomorrow will make her think of giving a big blowout!

So... looking forward to tomorrow! :-)

Ahh not just for the blowout but to really congratulate Mitch "face to face" on her success!

We are all happy for her!


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