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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers day

My siblings, sis-in-law, my mother and I were talking over lunch yesterday and our topic went to how good mama was tracking down members of the family. She was proudly discussing the times she was able to track members and in catching them red-handed on their naughtiness and she was actually serious while she was talking about it. We were laughing as she talked about each event marveling at how good she was when I suddenly told that there was one time that she too got tracked… well actually it was more caught on what she said and she could not think of anything that could be held against her…

Then I blurted “saan na ba yung driver ko?” (where’s my driver?) and a big smile came to her lips and she sort of giggled as she told of the occasion. She said that she was just kidding when she said that while she and her co-employees were waiting for their rides after work. And we were laughing with her as we teased her how papa would talk about it wherein he said that mama uttered the word to her friends not knowing that he was at their back then he came near her and whispered “driver pala ha!” (so, I’m your driver, huh!)

Papa has a way of telling things and there was always a good laughter that goes with it. He had this good humor laughter that is contagious and everybody would be rolling on their stomach laughing. Of course he knows it was just a joke but sometimes he would tease mama and she would be sort of embarrassed then smile, then laugh along with it.

We really had a good laugh that day and stayed long in the dining table exchanging stories. We did not have a chance to exchange stories on our celebration of mother’s day today but there were lots of food despite no cooking done at home and we stayed long in the table this time just eating and celebrating the day.

Mothers day! All the moms in the family including my sisters-in-laws (even my niece-mom) were around except for one sister. It would have been lots better if she and her family were also around but there will be lots of other family occasions we’ll celebrate together.

Our cake (birthday cake my nephew says as he sings happy birthday to all mothers) greeted all the mothers at home and the children also made their mother’s day greeting cards. And I, too got a card even if I am only a proxy mama! :-)


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