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Friday, March 06, 2009


Malou, who is always glued on the radio while working suddenly exclaimed “Patay na si Francis Magalona!” (Francis Magalona is dead!) We all fell silent for a while then talks about him begun as Malou mentioned that he died at 12:00 noon, the start of Eat Bulaga where is one of the co-hosts.

He is one great artist and while everyone seems to be talking I couldn’t help myself thinking about one of his songs "Kaleidoscope world" It is one special song for me since it has been one of my inspirations for my Kaleidosthoughts. In fact it was part of my first entry in this blog. It was one great song and I found a youtube entry with artists singing it.

Of course it doesn’t match his own song. Here’s a Youtube link of his song with him, his band and even some of his family members. I would have posted it here except that it can't be embedded :-(

I know being sick was difficult Francis, May you Rest in Peace in your next life and may you continue singing there!


Anonymous bingskee said...

i cried upon hearing about his demise...

9:34 PM  

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