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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pig Sty Alley

I have just seated myself at the back portion of the bus and I could hear that there was a video playing. The voices were Tagalog but the background music was Chinese. I stopped and tried to listen, I couldn’t venture to watch the TV screen in front since I was far off and there were already people standing in the aisle. The speaker was just above me and sound was in stereo, it was loud and clear like I was listening to a radio drama were even the footsteps and other movements could be heard.

I could hear bloodshed and killings and begging for life… And I immediately thought… geez killing and violence so early in the morning. I tried to relax and just doze off since the trip was long and I was lucky to get a seat even if it was not that comfortable then I suddenly feel the person beside me laughing…not just hear him laughing but feeling his body laugh! Even the people in front of me were laughing too as they watched the movie.

I suddenly became curious and tried to get some catch phrase and heard Pig sty alley. I wasn’t sleepy anymore and I started paying more attention now to the sounds, I could hear one noisy woman character…kung fu fight scenes…and the sounds were somehow forming images in my mind. It wasn’t a serious Chinese fight scene like Jet li’s scene but more like Jacky Chan’s comedic fight scenes. The dubbing was actually good and I was wondering about it, it was not just the voices that were clear but even the Chinese background music was clear plus of course everything was in stereo sound. From the sounds I knew that the movie was entertaining and after some time when the passengers started getting off and there were no more passengers on the aisle, I wore my eyeglasses and watched. Another kung fight scene and it was good! The goodies were losing, the villains were killing the good guys who are masters… then I could hear and now see the noisy woman. She was telling everyone to shut up. She shouted and the villains got distracted but the good guys were still getting killed… till the woman got down from her home and gave a very loud shout and everything went flying even the bad guys. She won over them! Now I was getting engrossed but I realized that my stop was already near. I had to disengage myself from the movie or I’ll totally miss my stop! I don’t know what happened next and wanted to know…

Got in the office still wondering about the movie, curious about the quality of dubbing and the fact that it was shown on video in the bus…

Mentioned it to one of the girls who said that the movie was Kung Fu hustle and has been shown several time on TV.

So checked it out in the net and got this trailer.

Checked some more and realized that Kung Fu Hustle won awards! And I only saw half of the film…hmmm maybe I’ll surfthechannel and find me a downloadable full movie. It will be nice to view the film completely since it not only won awards but I also enjoyed watching Shaolin Soccer which was directed by the same actor- Stephen Chow. If I get from the net though I hope it will be as nice as the Tagalog dubbed version. :-)


Anonymous bingskee said...

I love Kung Fu Hustle!

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched Ku Fung Hustle with English dubs and it was funny and strange, is this what Asians like? Never heard of it in the states. Always checking in on you my dearest of online friends!!!!
Ingat lagi.....Erik

11:05 AM  

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