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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vincent's Bit :)

My niece and her family are staying with us and every time I would arrive home my grandnephew would come to the door and call me “Bit” (well that’s how it sounds!) and he has this cute little smile on his face and glow in his eyes as he gets my hands for a hand blessing, sometimes he would also kiss me… and when he does that it takes some of the tiredness out (and I have been very tired lately…arghhh!!!)

He is two and really small and skinny (good thing he is not sickly though) but he is so independent and funny the way he moves and falls (he falls a lot!). He seems to know the way to my heart… oftentimes my niece would tell me that when they would scold him he would say “Bit” implying that he will tell me what they’ve done to him when I get home…

I don’t really know… he just makes me lighthearted. Eventually he is going to be bigger and the cuteness will be gone. I wonder if he would still call me “Bit”… maybe he’ll get my name right in time but I sure hope he doesn’t lose his killer smile…well at least his “tiredness-buster" smile for Beth. I sure like his smile! :-)


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