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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye Tita Angie!

Tita Cecile, my aunt from Texas called and said that Tita Angie, my other aunt, their eldest, already died. It was sad news for all of us even if she was sick a long time. My aunt is doubly sad because there won’t be any wake or funeral as her remains will be cremated immediately. It was her wish my uncle told them much earlier. I remembered that she also wished her ashes to be scattered.

Tita Cecile came all the way to the Philippines to take a last glimpse of her brothers and mother when they died. My grandfather died a long time ago when she was still here so she was there to be with him one last time. She was there before they were all buried… but not with her sister who is in the US and much nearer to her.

I know that the spirit is gone from the body… that what she’d be seeing if she had a chance to see her would just be a body… still it is sad not to be able to her one last time… not to be able to say goodbye to her face and give her your prayer… to be able to tell her “rest in peace!”

Maybe my uncle believes that we could send it anywhere since she is now a spirit…

I really don’t know…

But I realized that it is not really for Tita Angie why we would have wanted to have a wake and funeral… it was for the family left behind… that we may mourn for our loss… and that we may comfort each other for the loss…

Tita Angie, you are gone! The last years has been difficult for you. May you now rest in eternal Peace!


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