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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Endless Love

We had a family get together today to celebrate the wedding anniversary of mama and papa. They would have been married 49 years.

My aunt gave me a letter a long time ago. It is still in my file but I had no chance to go over it today. It was papa’s letter to my aunt talking about my mama. He was actually professing his love for mama who was his girl friend and was talking about how great a person mama was and he was sort of breaking the news to my aunt first so she could tell their parents. Actually in that letter he was also asking my aunt to write mama to assure her that he was really single (hehehe… mama wanted to be sure) I am not really sure if my aunt had a chance to write her because they eventually got married… first a civil wedding then a very simple church wedding which was 49 years ago this day.

In one of papa’s voice tape to me when he was still working in the Middle East, he played the song of Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross. He dedicated it to mama and he talked how lucky he was to have married her. “Endless love” … it is a joy for children to see if their parents such kind of love…

After we had dinner we sang some songs and my sister sang Tom Jones’ “Elusive Dream”… can’t help from having a smile in my heart hearing that… there might not have been goldmines but their journey together would have counted most and that is one golden legacy we will be certainly looking forward to… one more year and it would have been their golden anniversary… certainly looking forward to it! Maybe papa is also looking down at us tonight smiling as we celebrate their anniversary! :-)


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