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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pa Lola jollibee-day :)

I saw my 2 nephews and a niece watching a video of the Backyardigans in the living room. They were quiet and the place was peaceful. I approached them and kissed each one on the top of their heads before heading to the dining room where mama and my youngest sister were.

It suddenly struck me that papa used to do the same. I remembered how he would just kiss me on the top of my head and asked my sister if she remembered the same. Yes, she too remembered.

My nephews and nieces at home aged 9 below did not get to see papa. He was gone before any of them were born. They only know him from the photos at home, our stories and their visit to his grave. They will never have the opportunity to appreciate his values and traits personally but some of these have been passed on to us his children and I believe that they get to honor him when they appreciate the positive values they see in us.

Today is grandparents’ day and they should be honored.
I know mama will be thinking of papa…
But will her grandchildren be thinking of her?
They will, once they know there is a celebration!
Will there be one?
Mama… pa-jolibee ka naman! Burger… burger!!! Hehehe…
Pwede ba fish burger so I too could eat? ;)


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