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Saturday, September 06, 2008

One hundred!

I was so stressed and tired this afternoon that I asked my sister to have a sing-a-long. Told her just a few songs and I’ll go back to doing my stuff.

So she set up the karaoke and I chose my song… I sang Albert Hammond’s When I’m gone and scored 87… she sang and she scored 88… then I sang Spandau Ballet’s Gold and got 94…hmmm a bit better… and she sang and got 91… I was looking for a song… unlike my siblings who know a lot of songs I don’t know or don’t like to sing much of the songs in the guide… then I caught Alicia Bridges’ song… hmmm… a disco beat… not really my type but I do want to relax so I thought I’d try it and I did. I sang I love the nightlife…danced with it and actually enjoyed it… then the score came...

I got 100!
Geez a hundred!
I jumped and shouted even went to mama to tell her I got 100!
Ahh that was really cool!

Now I’m back to my room and am working on an assignment…
wonder if I’d ever come close to a hundred??? ;)


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