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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Body heat... entangled feet!

I was already standing inside the air conditioned bus on my way to the office when the conductor asked those of us standing in the front aisle to move backward so others could get in. My stop will be far off so I immediately started moving backward but a lady would not move anymore and was blocking our way. The conductor asked her to move further and she grumbled “Puno na nga nagpapapasok pa kayo! (It’s already full and you are still allowing passengers in!) and just rested on one of the seat handle and no longer moved. I overtook her and moved till the end of the bus. It was full but not that full. I have been inside air conditioned buses that were fuller that the collective body heat was too much for the air conditioning that we would be sweating inside.

Getting inside a bus has been difficult for me because our area is in middle and oftentimes buses (and other public vehicles) are already full that they would not stop on the bus stop to take passengers… there were times that they would be stopping only because some passengers would get off and I would immediately say a prayer of thanks force myself in the bus and say “thank you” to the driver for stopping.

Since my nieces and nephews transferred to their new school, I would join them in the car and get off at a stop before they change direction. There are more buses stopping there, they are almost always full and I would stand but at least I am able to get a ride. Still I have gotten used to always saying thank you to the driver every time I get in.

I know how difficult it is to get a ride and have forced myself in a lot of times myself. Body to body has been a regular part of bus existence (I am thankful though that I am taller than most and when it gets suffocating that I could still tilt my head up and get some air) now I just wish that I also master the art of quick feet maneuvering so I could easily disentangle my feet from the others and get a good foot bearing so that I don’t stumble or put pressure on my feet. Hmmm… I think I should start working on it!


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