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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Macho Guapito for Metro Guapo

I wasn't able to watch Celebrity duets yesterday but I learned that MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando was one of the contestants and I looked for a video of the performance in Youtube and saw a short clear one but could not embed on my post then I found this:

We were laughing as we watched it (the shorter version), my sister came and we showed it to her and she too laughed!

Notice my border? it went with his metro guapo color PINK! And look at his attire-- pink shirt, blue denims and white jacket. That's already working on association and recall :) I laugh at the color but my sister tells me that it is the color of wellness... oh well they should know :)

Some of my "sis" in our community, hates what he and his organization does! During our prayer sessions they would pray for his change of heart so that he would be more understanding of their plight as poor vendors trying to make a living... that they would allow them to sell and not dismantle their stalls...

Ah I understand their concern and realize their difficulties but truth is I like the man and many of the changes he has instituted. Our country needs discipline and he has no qualms on implementing laws even if he becomes unpopular. Recently their agency put pink fence in the island in the pedestrian lane in our killer highway. That means I would have to walk a good distance to get to the pink and blue colored overpass to get to the other side. I don't mind since it is safer.

There is less traffic in the roads now and you can now walk to the sidewalks.

Now to get back at the celebrity duets. They get eliminated by the lowest text votes. I wonder if some people are wishing that they could eliminate by the number of votes instead...hehehe...

On a serious note though, I really wish there are more government people that really do their task and that they learn how to support each other and work together so that improvements are seen not just on the streets but on people's lives as well...

Sure looking forward to it... and am also looking forward to the show. Maybe I get to watch next Saturday :)


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