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Sunday, July 13, 2008


After I came from church tonight I crossed the bridge (overpass going to the other side) I was going down when I noted a young boy crying while going down with other people. I thought he was scolded upon so was crying but when we finally reached the sidewalk, he was running, hysterically looking for his parents. The other women I went down with stopped to watch him. I went to him and asked what happened. He was not really that young, he was probably around 9 already. He said that he was with his parents when they disappeared. I told him I will bring him back to church and he said they already came from there. I approached the guard manning the bridge (there are guards stationed there since there is a call center beside the church) and was going to ask for assistance when another man came towards us. He was definitely not his father but he asked the child if knew where he lived and if they have a celfone that can be contacted. I noted that the other women that stayed earlier already left so I hanged on, after all I really did not know this person. The child mentioned the place where they live (not the exact address) and said that the celfone is with his father and he doesn’t know the number. I did not feel safe leaving the child there and reiterated to the man and the guard that I will just return him to church and he could stay in the office. We were there for some time (maybe trying to figure out each other?) when the child suddenly shouted and went running to another man. He was the father and the child went to him crying and scolding him. That's when I knew for certain that he was the father and the man motioned to us thanking us. The other man that came also moved away and I noted that he was with his family and they were waiting for him near the car. SO everything went well after all.

On my ride back home, I was thinking about the incident. At that age, even younger, I was walking everywhere on my own and some peers about my age. I just have to be home by 5:00 pm (the time my parents would be home) otherwise I get a scolding (which I often had..hehehe). I knew how to get home and to get to a lot of place which are quite far from our home and I would be walking… there weren’t much ride back then and you get to different places mostly walking. People really did not have to worry about me. People then feel a lot safer about their environment. There are still areas in the country especially in rural areas where children walk a lot… in fact most have to walk a far distance to get to their schools and parents really don’t have to worry. It is no so anymore in the urban areas. Sometimes I look at my nieces and nephews who don’t go out that much on their own. Oftentimes they just stay and play in our home grounds and outside our gate. People here are not that comfortable leaving them on their own and they are actually missing a lot. Being independent and acting swiftly on their own and feeling safe and comfortable even on their own.

I look back at my childhood and feel how so lucky I was. There weren’t much technology then… no techno-gadgets to play with.. there were actually not much toys but you get to make your own toys.. used all the scraps and leaves and stones plus your imagination to make your own toys and your own games…there were lots of grounds you could explore and be on your own. Parents could leave you on your own and now that you’ll get enough interaction and exercises. Children were not too dependent on things and people then. I wonder if such will ever come back.


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