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Monday, July 14, 2008

Holding thoughts on the Hold up

My niece brought her daughter to school on the Monday after I was held up. They rode an FX. And when they got in, my grandniece, who is 4 years old immediately asked her mother “Mommy ma-ho-hold up din ba tayo?” (Mommy are we going to be held up too?). The passengers in the vehicle looked at them and my embarrassed niece told her “No”. And my grandniece continued “Eh bakit si Lola Beth?” (Eh, how come Lola Beth? ) to which my niece said “Kasi nakasakay nya ay bad people” (because she rode with bad people). And as usual there were more questions from my grandniece after that which my niece had to answer.

Such brought me thinking back about the hold up. Actually it still pops up in my thoughts from time to time. I want to shake it out completely but it would come.

Sometimes I would think why I wasn’t keen and did not notice… there were signs and there were feelings that surfaced early but I did not pay any attention. I was usually keen and would actually get off a vehicle if I don’t feel comfortable with the other passengers. Anyway, sometimes such things happen… you wish it did not happen but it did!

I have been witness to some snatching incidents and even blog on one. The thieves they that do those would walk away calmly from the crime and the passengers would be shocked or dumbfounded and would just hang on to their seat… there would be those who would run after the thief like my sister did twice but would never really recover the whole thing… there are those who would catch the thief while on the act and would tell them and the other would deny and walk away sometimes even get mad… I have also seen a thief caught and the people would get back at him and he’d be black and blue from all the punches…

These things happen so very often. I have talked with somebody who told me that the hold uppers are the worst criminals you can find because most of them are “In and Out” of jails. If they are caught, the worst they’ll be charged will be illegal possession of deadly weapon and they’ll be out before you know it. Most victims would not really put a case because it will take the case to drag forever and nothing really ever happens. So these people, they get in the city jail, stay there for a while… bond with the others inside then get off again and they are back to their trade. I was also told that they really have no qualms about killing if they are pushed… often times they will just scare you but if you fight back then be prepared to die!

If I was able to corner my hold uppers, would I file a case against them? Chances are NO! It is not just for the inconvenience but because I don’t believe that something will really come of the case and worst, these people have friends outside (some even have people that handle them and would pay for their “pyansa” (bond) as the “barker” I talked with in the place I got my ride told me) and they could come after me. I remember my sister filing charges on the person that snatched her necklace and the wife and mother of the culprit came to our home begging – it was quite easy for them to get our address and come to our place!

The worst happening in a hold up or any crime for that matter if you ever come off alive is that you start feeling unsafe… You have to shake off the feeling for it is not healthy but it somehow gets to you, feeling that someone has violated your right and you become angry… but anger eventually dies down in time and you get back to your rhythm.. you just add a dash (actually lots of it) of awareness and precautions… and of course lots of prayer.

Now, enough said on the issue, I hope that I won’t be holding on to the hold up thoughts anymore, after all there are still so much that needs my attention.


Anonymous mama bok said...

Just dropping by to say hi.. :)

8:42 AM  
Anonymous bingskee said...

i am sorry about the hold up elizabeth. parami na ng parami ang cases ng holdup. must be the result of the hard times getting harder still...

10:49 PM  

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