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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bumming then walking in the rain

I got the day off and just bummed around the home for most of the day… enjoying the peace and quiet while my nieces and nephews were at school… singing and even recording a song in my computer… reading some stuff online… ahh also working on a project for my nephew for a short while. I stayed mostly in our dining area since it was cool there and I did not even feel like going for a midday mass feeling good and peaceful in that corner…

However, in the late afternoon I felt the need to go out. It was cloudy and I knew for sure it was going to rain but I figured that rain would have stopped when it was time to go home so I did not bring any umbrella…I just got some change for my fare and headed for church. I was just in time for the service and I still did not feel like going home after it so I went to the adoration chapel… that’s when I heard the rain. It was heavy rain but i wasn't bothered and I just stayed there in silence… there was another mass an hour after the mass I attended and I could hear them inside the chapel… when it was over, I decided to leave but I could see that it was still raining… I went inside the church again till I was the only one inside… I could see the guard closing the grill doors so I finally went out. There were some people in front of the church waiting for the rain to stop too. I stood there for quite a while until I decided to just sit in one of the pillars near the church door with my back touching the wall and my legs outstretched. The floor was warm so I felt comfy there. Eventually some people followed suit too and sat there. I was just looking at the highway with no particular thought in mind just letting the vehicles pass by hearing the splash of their tires go with the raindrops… the dark sky would occasionally flash with long and wide lightnings followed by rumble of the thunderstorm. I could feel my eyes closing but had to open them since I feared I might end up falling asleep!

I stayed there for a long long time but was quite content. I was waiting for the rain to really stop but it seems it will never stop. At some point it even got heavier. When it felt like I could walk through it without soaking, I finally decided to walk towards my ride home. I had to walk a good distance after my ride but I wasn’t in a hurry. I slowly walked under the rain towards home. There were not many people in the street anymore and I could walk silently. It felt good walking in the rain listening to the rhythm of the Hail Mary which I was silently reciting continuously. I walked slowly letting the small drops wash out any negative emotion I may have, letting peace seep through my body. Yup I was at peace walking in that rain. It felt good to...achuu!!!


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