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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spartan feet!

I found the above Pol Medina's cartoon posted in a bulletin board and I couldn't help but smile. I decided to borrow it (okay i returned it already) to have it scanned and posted here.

I have been a Spartan rubber slippers user for the longest time. There have been a lot of flip-flops sold on the market in the recent years, including high-end (and very pricey) ones like Havaianas (and the poor man's imitation Havanas...hehehe) making rubber slippers the current “IN” thing. I have never really been a person who follows fashion trends but I have always been very comfortable wearing rubber sandals.

Flip-flops are meant to be for summer but it is already the rainy season here and I remembered that my fascination with rubber slippers started during one rainy day when I was in the University.

I was already a “rubber shoes” person that time and one day while it was raining very hard, my father saw me headed to the door for school with my jeans and rubber shoes on. He called me and told me to change to rubber slippers and just bring my rubber shoes and wear it when I am in school. I was going to protest since I’ve never worn slippers to school but followed him anyway since it will be very hard to protest against my father…hehehe…

Anyway, I left home in my red Spartan rubber sandals and battled the rain. I was wet even before I got to my ride to school. On the way I saw (well I suddenly became conscious and aware) some men also wearing slippers and I was really fascinated with some of them seeing them so clean and white. I looked at my feet and they were so clean and white themselves (plus they were long and thin…hehehe), the frequent shoe wearing has made them that way! I felt proud that my feet looked nice on those rubber slippers that even after reaching school I no longer changed to my shoes and just walked in them rubber slippers! And I looked forward to rain after that since it gave me an excuse to wear rubber sandals to school!

And after more than 25 years I still buy Spartan rubber slippers… there are a lot of imitations (like smartan...hahaha!) but my feet can feel the difference plus I still prefer the red color! :)


Blogger Mary Hazel San Juan said...

Hello bro! Where do you buy your Spartan Slippers? Thank You!

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