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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers' Home Improvement

I got above picture from an email I received for mothers' day.
I immediately said to myself "How true!"
I was thinking how necessary it is to constantly work on "home" (a.k.a family) maintenance, taking care of small stuff... ensuring that everything and everyone is in order because if you don't work on it, eventually it will take major improvement... an overhaul!
It will cost you a lot by that time...
Not just time and money but emotional strength.
Good if it could still be fixed, sometimes it may be too late and you could be left with a wrecked home... a wounded family!
Being a mother is a BIG job!
So I am wishing all the mothers strength, patience, perseverance and above all plenty of LOVE to share!

God bless my mother... and all mothers... ah okay all Tita (aunts) and Ate (sisters) who also acts as proxy mothers! :)


Anonymous New York Bathroom Remodeling said...

Thanks for sharing your post. I do agree that your home is the reflection on how you taking care of your family. Home improvement is not just for accessories and to show off you have a big and wonderful house, it's must also have love and how you took care of it.

2:43 PM  

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