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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Loose change

My finances are at its lowest at the moment and I’m using the excess loose change that I have set aside, starting with the higher coins down to the smaller coins and surprisingly somehow I am able to put together an amount that can make me get by for a day.

Actually I always set aside excess coins in a container in my table at home and would also set aside some in my drawer in the office and some in my bag and I have always been able to draw from them in case of emergency (well just small emergencies so far) but oftentimes I put the coins I accumulate in my container at home in a purse above our refrigerator from where people at home could get money for their marketing. However, lately I have been really scraping these coins for my own use… Arghhhh!!!

This has made me realize more the importance of loose change… of small things. Oftentimes they don’t make any impact on you… you don’t even feel them or give them importance YET if you accumulate them they could result to something big… something substantial… something important! And when that time comes you tell yourself how glad you are that you set them aside.


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