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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Got to talk with an old friend. We don’t really get to talk often and she asked if I was busy. I was but I thought I’d stay a while and talk. She started talking about finance matter (Arghhh who is not broke these days???) but ended up talking about her love life.

How her boyfriend whom she has been considering for marriage turned out to be already married… How his family whom she is already close with failed to tell her also… but how her gut feel showed her the truth…

And the truth hurts!

Ouch! That’s pretty painful… hmmm not “pretty” painful but terribly painful!

You wonder why people LIE particularly on matters of the heart… why can’t they just be honest from the start so the other is aware what she or he is getting into… why is it that someone who says he loves you does not think about the effects on you once you get to know the whole truth especially if you learn about it when you are already too deeply in love with him.


I don’t really know. I only know that it could hurt deep!

But they are lies and you have to face it. Can’t change the fact no matter what!

Maybe a miracle could change it???

It will only happen if it was meant to be.

But is it meant to be???

She is right. How could you wish for a miracle when you know that what you’ll wish for is bound to hurt someone else.

Ahh Lies… They hurt! But then again, there is always TIME!

In time, the hurt will be gone.

Ahhh time… I did not have enough time to talk with her even if I feel her pain. In the end I told her “Don’t worry, Kaya mo yan! (you can handle it!) Lilipas din yan (it will pass)… in time!


Anonymous mama bok said...

Sure does..! men..!!

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