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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jeepney ride

I left the office early and there was still light and I took a jeepney going to the Light Rail Transit (LRT) station since I was going to meet my sister.

The jeepney was finally full but it was not moving due to traffic and when I suddenly glanced at the lady in front of me (well not exactly in front but a little to the side), I noted a man in white T-shirt come really near the window of the jeepney and before I could think he grabbed both of the lady’s ears from behind her and got her earrings… then he casually walked away.
We were all shocked of course more so the lady… she checked her ears, fortunately no blood. Then with her eyes welling, she laughed nervously and said that those were real gold earrings and that she had them for more than 20 years already. She wasn’t thinking of running after the thief… she knew it was pointless… she just felt regret. The passengers started discussing and even the driver joined in and said that they don’t help because one time a driver helped and the thief had an accomplice who stabbed the driver

While people were talking I also touched my ears. Earrings are the only accessory I have in my body… they are a fixture. I don’t take them off even to sleep. Though the carat of my new gold earring is not as high as the ones I lost it is still something that is part of me which I don’t want anybody taking away… but if ever it get snatched, I have no intention of running after the thief. My life is afterall more precious than earrings!

My youngest sister is different… her jewelry got snatched on two occasions and on both of them she ran after the snatchers and she caught them. Yet the jewelries are gone… one necklace got cut and she only got a part of it, the same goes for the earrings, just one recovered. I told her never to do it again… the case never prospers (she filed one on the first and nothing happened, the police even gave our address at home and the relatives of the snatcher came pleading) plus there’s a great possibility that they have accomplice. At that’s Real risk!

Despite risks in public transports though (including FX which I normally take), there were still a lot of times that I fell asleep from the ride and even missed my stop and had to take another ride back on some occasions. I am thankful though that despite the risks and despite the occasions when I fell asleep, I have been safe in all my ride.

… hope my ears are also safe always! :)


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