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Monday, April 14, 2008


"Words can Heal... Words can Kill... Choose to Heal!"

I have posted those words in my computer monitor as a reminder on the power of words.

Such words kept coming back to me after I had a heated discussion with one of my assistants. I reprimanded him and I knew that my voice got loud that some of the girls had to look our way. I realized that I had embarassed him somehow and I felt bad. I emailed him (though his desk was just in front of me) asking for apology for my behavior. Unlike some people that are almost always calm, sometimes I get carried away with emotion. I wish I am always calm but sometimes I just flare up.

It has been a long time since I printed those words in a sticker and posted in frame of my monitor. I realized that oftentimes I don't even notice it is there but there would be days that my eyes would just focus on it and digest its meaning... and like a mantra I would repeat the words in my thoughts over and over "choose to heal!"

I know how words can hurt. I've hurt some people and some people have hurt me with words too. Yet I also know how much it could comfort!

I wish all the words that would come out from my lips are words of comfort... sigh... how I wish! It is not always so but I know of someone who always comforts me and gives me strength and helps me appreciate the kindness of people.

That will be my favorite cousin Manang Jocelyn.

She was here for a 2 weeks vacation to attend the graduation of her children and finally headed back today for Saudi Arabia where she is working. She is the most thoughtful person I know and she has always something kind to tell about people... even people that hurt her!

We rarely have a chance to talk since she's away in Saudi but she would make it a point to always call on special occasions. Just hearing her voice already puts joy in my heart because I know how sincere her words are no matter how few they are. LOVE certainly flows from her words! and there will always be a big smile on my face when she would say "luv you... luv you... luv you... Inday Beth" at the end of our conversation before hanging up. Ahhh... my sweet Manang Jocelyn!

While she was here we had a chance to be together for a day with my sister Terry. The three of us are close since we were near in age and we were together for a long time and we have fun memories. My sister's husband wanted to join us but NO WAY my sister would allow him.... hehehe... it was BONDING time just for the three of us. And it was one of those neat and comforting days when we just talked and be together... understanding each other... comforting each other... laughing at each other... laughing together... savoring each word that is said!

That's the beauty of comforting and loving words. It remains in your soul and in times of distress they get back to you and comfort you.

So, my cousin is back again in Saudi. I know how lonely she'll be there once more... far from her family! But somehow I know that she won't totally be lonely because her kind words will always come back to her. She has a lot of friends there that cherish her and care for her. Her words has touched them and in return they too touch her life.

Words... so powerful! May we always use it well. May I always use it well... choose words that heal... that comfort...that brings joy!


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