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Sunday, April 27, 2008


After we came from church this afternoon, we walked to a mall nearby. I was with my niece and her 2 children, a cousin and a nephew. We were almost at the mall entrance when I noticed a man and a lady talking. I felt uneasy! The man was talking animatedly (not mad or anything just animated) and the lady was listening and looking passive. I could not hear what they were talking about but I noticed that the man kept looking at the lady’s eyes when he talked... and I stopped. I suddenly remembered an email I recently received of a reporter who went to a mall and was approached by a man holding a bible and kissed her (beso-beso) as if he knew her telling her don’t you remember me etc… he was a sweet talker who was looking her straight in the eyes when he talked. He kept on talking and touching her while he talked making it look like they know each other well. He was talking about a lot of projects and was asking for big donation. She could not recall knowing this person but she talked with him. I forgot what happened on how she came to her senses but she left the person. She said that she felt that she was being hypnotized but that her habit of shifting eyes probably saved her from a budol-budol scam wherin the sweet talker scammer would somehow hypnotize you and tell you to give money, even withdraw from your ATM account. There have been a lot of victims of this scam. I knew of a teacher in our province who was a victim plus an officemate was almost a victim -- gosh he already gave his ATM to the scammers but good thing it had no money yet since the payroll had not been credited.

Anyway, I was concerned that she might be a victim yet I was thinking that if I approach her and she really knew the guy then they might just get mad and think of me as nosey and would tell me to mind my own business. So I asked my brood to just hold on as we just observed the two. If they were fighting it would have been easy to just leave them alone since I’ve seen a lot of people fighting on public areas… that would mean that they knew each other. But their body language was somehow different from people that i have observed in the past. It is the first time that I see a guy animatedly talking so closely to a lady's face with no animated response from the other though she too was looking him in the eyes. The guy seemed to focus on her eyes!

So we stayed on even if my brood wanted to leave already… then the lady began taking something from her bag. I watched and wondered... Is she going to give him her ATM? a lot of money? A celfone? I was watching closely. She pulled out her celfone and I decided to take the risk and approached them. And I talked to the lady saying "excuse me miss but do you know this guy and is everything okay?" She smiled a wan smile and told me that yes she knew him. But she did not get mad though and thanked me for my concern.

So I was wrong… well better safe than sorry, right? After I left them the guy went on one direction heading to the mall while the lady went the other way.

Hmmm… am I getting paranoid? As I said better just make sure that everything was okay and am glad that I was wrong. :)


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