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Friday, April 04, 2008

South Pacific - the lost horizon!

I saw a headline title of the South Pacific revival in Yahoo today and immediately brought back childhood memories that I had to click on it to read. It was a review of the musical revival of the South Pacific and I found another review with a story on it theater mania.

Geez, I remember seeing a lot of movies when I was a child and I had different experiences when watching. South Pacific was one of the musicals I saw when I was a child. I also watched lots of Bruce Lee and other karate films! Ah and not to forget the very long film the Ten Commandments where we actually had to hide from our grandmother –Lola Bebe since she wanted to go home half way through the movie and we wanted to finish the film. Anyway, I could not remember anymore whom I was with when I saw the movie version of South Pacific a long time ago or remember the details of the film but to date I find myself singing or humming some of the music there. I was so young when I saw that movie and not even good in English (ahh definitely not good in English!) but it actually stuck with me -- that movie and The Lost Horizon (funny I checked and this movie did not do well in the US but I actually loved this film too). I might have been in my elementary or early high school when I saw the films but all through out these years I’d sing or hum some of the melodies there… sometimes just from out of the blue I’d find myself singing one of the songs there but I think the song I sang most often was Happy Talk from the South Pacific and The world is a circle without a beginning from The lost horizon (hmmm am not really sure if that is title). Ah yes I could also remember the scene from South Pacific when they sung Honey bun and the actor (forgot his name but he is also the star in my Favorite Martian which I used to watch on TV) dressed liked a woman in grass skirt (well sort of mocked up woman) was moving his stomach pretty much like what belly dancers do except his was a muscular stomach!

I searched for some film clips in Youtube and thought I’d post the Honey Bun clips (part 1 and 2) which is cute:

I enjoyed the clips and am humming and going over some more... ahh old movies!
I suddenly realized that i haven't watched a movie in a long time...


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