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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Music in my soul!

On my ride home last night in the FX, the driver played the music “The leader of the band” and I sang along with it. It was just a soft singing-along with the music where almost only I could hear myself, then I heard other voices singing along, there were 10 passengers (plus the driver) in that FX and there were probably 3 or 4 people singing along with the music so it suddenly turned very audible. I had to smile. Filipinos certainly love singing. As my friend who is out of tune always say “ALL Filipinos could sing, it is just that SOME have bad ears not to appreciate her voice!” Hehehe…

Anyway, after singing I was thinking of music. There’s really something to it that gives joy to the heart. Even when singing sad songs when you feel sad, music allows you to release an emotion, sometimes even make you cry and you feel lighthearted afterwards.

One of my friends who is now in Nevada would tell me how she would close their entertainment center room, open the videoke and sing her heart out after a days work and especially if she feels low. I could easily understand her.

I recently found a skypecast where participants sing along with a music. It was a neat group since most of them know each other and they are careful in letting people join the talking (and singing) plus they are courteous. They would tell you to mute your microphone when somebody is going to sing so everybody could listen well and not interrupt with other noises. I had a chance to sing too but I had no background music and the song was just short – “Growing old with you” by Adam Sandler from the movie the Wedding singer. One of the regulars who himself has his own skypecast gave me a link where you could sing along and record your voice. So I immediately visited the link and created an account in www.singsnap.com and I got to sing (actually, I remembered Rolly giving me a similar link before but I never had a chance to use it since my machine was so slow that the music would be stopping and I could not really complete a song… and it was making me feel frustrated. Good thing I have recently upgraded my machine’s RAM and could now sing-along with a music) Anyway, back to my earlier note, I sang and I sang in that new site but did not record since I could still not balance my voice and the background music (still have not been able to fix it up to now). It was very late when I stopped singing and my brother and sister-in-law was laughing at me the next day telling me that I got carried away and that my voice was pretty loud… Yikes, my voice probably reached my neighbors!!! Anyway, I really felt good singing. And it was especially so since I was rather feeling low that time and the singing made me feel really good!

I guess I’ll never really stop singing (mostly just singing softly and humming along with the music) till I die. Music seems to be part of my being… it is part of most of Filipinos lives I should say. You sing with it… you listen to it …it is part you. It is in your soul!

Ahhh what joy it is to be able to sing and listen to music. I am blessed!


Blogger elizabeth said...

I suddenly remembered my Lola Bebe. Today is here birthday and I remember her singing to my younger brother "I like to sing sweet melodies with my doodle do do doodle do do doodle do do" There's more of the song but that's the part she keeps on singing :)

11:38 AM  

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