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Saturday, April 05, 2008


There was a male stray cat that has been coming to our home for the past months and we would feed him… I’m not really particularly fond of dogs or cats but I would feed him too when I had a chance. The his coming became more frequent… my mom would get mad but he still comes… and I started getting used to him being around…then he brought a girlfriend and her kittens but the kittens eventually moved out but the girlfriend would still be coming and eating with him… then he brought another girlfriend! Geez this cat was a playboy!!! (hmmm shouldn’t that be playcat? Hehehe) Sometimes the 3 of them would be sharing the plate we would place outside our kitchen or he would be looking around while the two shared. Then we noticed that only one of the girlfriend was frequenting the visit. The cat became comfy earlier and he would start coming inside our home. Geez, he could be dirty at times (well most times actually) and have scratches all over and sometimes wound in his eyes… guess he likes fighting with other cats. He was a big cat and he would sometimes come near me and just rub his body on my legs… sometimes he would even put his paw (is it the same as dog? Cat’s have paws too, right?) in my thigh and his nails would be painful! But I kinda like the cat and was talking to my mother about looking for a veterinarian who’ll take care of him and maybe clean him up! Ahhh but my mom would raise her eyebrows and get mad, it is a stray cat after all and goes everywhere. My sister was describing the cat to someone from our prayer community and she said that she knew the cat since he goes to their place also… oh my, but their place is far from us!!!

Anyway, the other day I found out that the cat was gone. My mom told my cousin and my brother to bring him along the car when they gas up. So they brought him and forced him to get out in the service center which is really a far distance from our home. I was sad when I got home that night… even the way he was, I sort of got used to him. My mom was not sad though and keeps complaining since the cat went to the table and got food and she definitely does not like it plus there are a lot of ants from the litters they have when they eat and she hates that the more… So it was goodbye Muning…no more meowing from Muning, our stray cat. I don’t like the lady cats that still hang around our yard… I missed Muning!

Well, that was the other night. Last night my brother’s help mentioned that she saw Muning on our yard but he immediately left when he saw her. Mama said that it was probably another cat. Well it can’t be because just now I saw him! He is sleeping in the white plastic chair in our front yard…. He is back!!!

Ah my mother can’t do anything…hehehe… he is back and he is still as comfy as ever! He knows his home… he may wander all over but he likes our home… he was probably meowing Homeward bound while walking from far away back to our home… :)


Blogger CaNdi said...

that's not his girlfriends! He's too old to have girlfriends...
he's actually a pimp and those female are his 'alagas' hehehehehehehe....

12:18 PM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

Ahh Candi I can hear Muning protesting saying "neoh! neoh! neoh" (translated in human as No no no!!!)hehehehehehe.

If he was a cat pimp as you say, he wouldn't be that generous that he would risk eating less so they get to eat too. I would see him just standing on the side and allowing those "catwomen" eat his share!

He maybe old but he still got good cat instincts...

Plus does any male specie in the animal kingdom really bother with age???? hehehe...

I suddenly can imagine hearing Muning serenading his ladies and telling them "meow! I'm back! Did you miss me??? meow!!!" ;)

Ahhh i certainly missed him, he is dirty and thin and not good looking now but i kinda got used to him. Am glad he is back, just hope the other lady cats leave him alone so he'll gain some weight again.

6:47 PM  

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