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Sunday, March 02, 2008

QC TechnoPark

"P6-B UP-based IT park first of its kind in RP"

I have been waiting for this information for quite a while. Everyday, I would pass the construction site and I see how they are being developed. I would ask drivers and other people about it but no one can really answer me and provide informaton till now.

Some of the structures are almost complete and they are starting to work on the landscaping. I actually like the designs and it is definitely better than having another mall in the area which was rumored some time back. The development of the area also blends with the road widening of Commonwealth Avenue with wide sidewalks and bike lanes (I can definitely see the sidewalks but not sure yet on the bike lanes except for this area maybe where I could somehow visualize how it is going to be)

It is an IT park, there are going to be BPOs there, that means that there will be people there even at night. How I wish that my office is just there (of course it can’t be since we are not in IT) so I could just walk home…well not going there, I don’t want to be all sweaty as I start work for the day since our place is still far but it will be nice walking especially on cloudy days and cool evenings (ahhh wishful thinking!).

My niece studying in UP-Diliman says she has heard a lot of complaints and negative feedbacks on the project from the people in the University. I hope they are wrong because I have a nice feeling for that project. It is actually something that makes me smile every time I pass the area.


Anonymous bingskee said...

you can't blame some people to become suspicious of the projects being done in the philippines. the news tell about so many things about corruption. some of these projects are camouflaged with the real intention of some politicians to feed their pockets.

9:28 PM  

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