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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Manila Ocean Park

We went to the new Manila Ocean Park yesterday. It only opened last February but a lot of people have visited it already. I promised my nieces and nephews that we will be going there after the end of their classes and last Saturday was the first time that we were all free together. So there were 11 of us that went, 6 adults and 5 children. Good thing they accept credit card payment so my pocket was not drained. Hmmm…it will be later when I have to pay for the fees especially since the entrance fee is not really that cheap (P400.00 for adult and P350.00 for children) but I think it was worth it. It was about time that we had our own and I think it could compare well with other oceanarium. Actually I’ve only visited two so far – one in Hongkong and one in Tennessee but I should say that it was at par with them… the only problem was that there were soooooooooo many people when we came. It was supposed to be in batches. They did not allow every body in at will but we had to fall in line outside but still there were so many when we got in. One staff mentioned that the best time to come and visit was at around 7 pm when there were less people since there were also big crowd even on regular days. I guess it is not just because it is new but because it is already summer break!

Here's a video I got from Manila Ocean Park official website:

The first leg was an open area that simulated a rain forest. There were water falls and big fish cages with exotic fishes there were also some tanks were you can touch creatures like starfish and shells. I touched some starfishes! The first dark area you’ll enter had so many people that we were literally dripping with perspiration. The crowd was too large that I could hear from the sound system that one child was actually lost. I made sure that the nephew I was holding on to was near me. He was finding it hard to go near the small aquariums on the wall since there were many people crowding looking and taking pictures that he was getting restless. Then I gave him my celfone and he was already caught up in taking pictures of the fishes and other sea creatures. We could not really be walking in group due to the big crowd so my nephew and I just cruised along the different parts in the first area till we found each other in the next area which was bigger and cooler. We stayed there for a while then headed for the 25 meter tunnel where you can see the sea creatures in all directions. Well not all directions actually since you can see them from the side and above you but not below you. Then the next area was supposed to be the deepest sea and it also a large area where they have reading centers where tourists (I would say particularly students) could have some activities… then we went out of the first level and could see Manila Bay including the Floating hotel and restaurant (ship). We went up the stairs and saw a fish spa area… A fish spa??? spa for the fishes??? well it is not for the fishes to have a spa but for tourists to dip their feet in the pool with pebbles and fishes that would probably give them massage. We didn’t try it anymore since we had to shell out another P100.00 for it and we couldn’t really stay that long. The tanks with the stingray and sharks that could be seen below in the first level are open in this area. They actually allow some people to volunteer feeding them. One of my naughty nephew was going to put his hands on the shark tank and we all shouted for him to stop it. Geez, we donot want to see one bloody hand floating on the cage! Especially one coming from our family!!! The exit was through a fancy restaurant. Well we sat on the chairs and table there overlooking Manila Bay but did not bother looking on the menu since the kids were already settled in having their lunch in the nearest McDonalds we can find after we leave the park. After the restaurant was the sourvenir shop. It was just a small shop and they did not really have many items in it. I no longer checked the prices since I had no intention of buying but good thing we already got a souvenir bag before we came inside the park courtesy of Insular life… of course it is not entirely free since we had to write our names on a coupon and for sure we will be getting advertisements from the company… Oh well, I shouldn’t really complain considering I have a neat bag :) … then we were back at the entrance which was actually a dome…

Oh boy it was neat being there but it was one draining activity due to the volume of people and the heat outside that I still feel exhausted this time…

But I’m sure glad we already have such park though. It is not yet complete as they will still be adding a lot of features to it but we have seen the main thing and it was great!

Now I’m certainly looking forward to more destinations!


Anonymous Erik said...

Great to see you had a day out with the family beth! Too bad it was so crowded and hot.

2:01 PM  
Blogger CaNdi said...

oh yes! we had a fun time, tiring but definitely fun at Manila Ocean Park, the kids definitely enjoyed it and are still talking about it.

Thanks M'Beth!!!

12:22 PM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

You are welcome. I can still smile and enjoy the trip since the bill on credit card has not arrived yet... hahahahahaha...
hay! sana madelay ang pagbill sa akin...hehehe...

6:52 PM  

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